How do £1Million billers do it?

During my decade as a Rec2Rec I have met a number of £1M+ billers. Here’s what I’ve learnt.

A good few years back, when I set up my first meeting with a super-biller, I assumed that they would be the best-of-the-best, the 1%, with the ability to do things in recruitment that most of us can only dream about.
I remember being nervous and as excited about the prospect of picking up some tips as much as I was the prospect of placing this recruiter.

But this wasn’t the case. The recruiter I met was a very good recruiter and clearly worked very hard. But, where was the chasm of skills and knowledge between most recruiters and his? It simply wasn’t there.

As my Rec2Rec career progressed I met more super-billers. Some from contingency recruitment, some from Exec Search. Some had progressed into leadership positions while others were still billing. Most were very impressive recruiters, with gravitas, good market knowledge and a solid work ethic. All clearly had the right attributes to be a good recruiter anywhere. But still, no gulf of skill or ability between those who achieved super-biller status and those who achieved very good recruitment billings.

So what was the difference? The more I go on the more I’m sure it’s the combination of someone who has the right attributes and work ethic to be a successful recruiter but combines that with the right desk in the right company at the right time. This potent mix was always present when I look at all the super-billers I know.

It underlines the huge importance of choosing the right offers in your recruitment career. Good Recruiters will always be employed, but finding the right desk in the right sector at the right time could be the difference. It’s easy to find a lump of coal in a coal mine. There’s an abundance of choice, but finding the one with the diamond inside is much more tricky.

Richard Clarke