Recruiters moving as a team is probably more common than you think.

Having helped a good number of teams move businesses during my time in Rec2Rec it strikes me how high the success rate is for these teams.
It can be a tricky conversation to start with your colleagues, but if you work well together and move as a team here are some of the benefits you can gain:

Increased Market Value. The value of the whole outweighs the sum of it’s parts.
You are more attractive as a team to a business because you are likely to be far more successful than assembling a team of individuals. It’s the same principal as acquisition over organic growth – its far easier and less risky to buy a unit that already works than acquiring it bit by bit, getting all the team members to work in the same way, getting a good culture fit etc. Therefore it is worth a business paying more to acquire an already operational unit.

Your way. You and your team have a proven way of working and a new employer will want to preserve that. Moving as a team will give you far greater control and influence over how you operate on a daily basis. You will also find that you have a greater influence over strategy, activity, targets and recruiting into the team.

Faster Progression. Succeeding as a unit can often mean faster progression through the business. Particularly if you are setting up a new business area.

Risk Reduction. Moving as a team reduces your risk of a move not being the right one. You’re taking a lot of the important parts of working life with you. You know you’ll like the team and you know you’ll work well together.

It’s not starting again. You’ll all be in it together, you won’t be the ‘newbie’ because you’re not new to the people you work most closely with. Not needing to settle in and get to know all the people you’ll be working with is a great support and will help you be successful faster.