Will Recruiters Retain Remote Working?

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a steep rise in the number of recruitment professionals working from home. But as we approach a new normal how much working flexibility will be retained by our industry?

One of the issues that recruitment businesses traditionally have about remote working was how best to monitor productivity or quality of output and enable effective supervision. Most recruitment businesses have adapted to this during the pandemic with the use of technology. Video conferencing allows on-line team collaboration, meetings and training and with most CRM’s now being cloud based it is very simple to monitor productivity/KPIs/Activity for any remote worker.

The pandemic has given both businesses and recruitment professionals an insight as to how a level of flexible working might be incorporated on a permanent basis. Naturally not all recruitment professionals want working flexibility, although our research suggests that a high proportion of recruitment professionals would like their employers to offer some form of remote working as an ongoing option. The desire for this is particularly high with recruitment professionals who are parents.

Whilst few businesses are planning on adopting a 100% remote working structure we believe that 50-75% of recruitment businesses will retain some level of flexible working permanently. Many of these businesses believe remote or flexible working to be a benefit to employee wellbeing, trust and culture, it will also allow their business to capture a wider range of, and higher calibre of talent.

The offer of remote working for a portion of the week may make commutes more viable for candidates who otherwise would not consider those employers. It is also very likely that recruitment professionals that desire working flexibility will migrate from those businesses that do not offer it to those that do. Staff retention should certainly be a consideration when businesses are reviewing their position on flexible working.