Rec2Rec Solutions

Why a Solution?

If you are looking for  Recruitment professionals from Board Level Directors to Top Billers through to trainees, our retained solution optimises talent acquisition either on a project basis for a short term need, or as your partner over a sustained scaling up programme.
If adding recruitment talent to your business is critical to achieving your goals using contingency suppliers is leaving a key part of your business plan to chance. We work with you to distill and benchmark your EVP, we
leverage data driven market mapping techniques, a cutting edge tech stack and a hugely experienced head hunting team to identify and mobilise talent for your business in an agreed timeframe.

Data Driven

Our data driven mapping process ensures outreach to all potential candidates.

Supercharged EVP

We work with you to refine and benchmark your EVP to ensure maximum engagement.


Talent is generated specifically for your business. We do not compete with our clients.

Dedicated Delivery

We allocated dedicated resource to delivering your project.


Working within an agreed timeframe to secure talent when you need it.

One Partner

Working with one partner cuts down on your time an effort for communicating and coordinating.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Abraham Lincoln

How do we do it?

Pantheon would partner with your business on a retained basis to deliver a predefined number of recruitment professionals over an agreed timeframe.

Speedy Implementation
As soon as you press the ‘go’ button we immediately get to work, starting with a kick-off meeting to distill your EVP.

We help you position your Employer Value Proposition to ensure each outreach will have maximum impact and chance for conversion.

We benchmark your offering vs your direct competitors for recruitment talent and the wider market. This will help us and you position your offering to secure the best talent.

We use a huge amount of market data to quickly identify and engage with your target talent. Any gaps in our data are filled within days of implementation by our data partners.

Tech Stack
We use the latest technologies including AI, Data Mining, Candidate Engagement, Marketing & Advertising, Drip Campaigns, Automation and Outreach to warm up the whole target market in a short time span.

Market Knowledge
We have over a decade in Technology Rec2Rec within London and Essex
Network – Having been cultivated over 10+ years our technology recruitment network is incredibly strong, meaning we leverage existing knowledge, contacts and referrals quickly.

Talent Pooling
We warm up all the talent you need for the duration of the contract and pool those that we want to engage further down the line.

We are active headhunters, with 85% of our placements coming from passive candidates

Candidates are carefully qualified against your needs and assessed for their individual move motivators.

We’ll talk you through each candidates professional career and stats as well as their personal make-up and move motivators.

We will handle offer negotiation and acceptance.

We keep in close contact with all of our placements to ensure smooth on-boarding and longevity. We feedback useful information to help you develop your on-boarding process.

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